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Are you addicted to chocolate?

I discovered where my addiction comes from…

By doing my morning routine and meditation, I can think a lot about my life and how I want to change it. I just realized that a pattern in my family to demonstrate love is to give sweet, especially chocolate.

When I was young, my father used to work a lot; my mom, who had more flexibility at her work, always took us for vacations. My father used to join us during weekends, and every time he came to spent time with us, he arrives with something special on his hands that he found in a road shop. We were so happy to see him that these treats, normally chocolates represented how he cares about us. 

The same thing happened with my grandmother; she visited us on Sundays for lunch, but because she lived far away from our house, she came by bus and always carried with her a special chocolate for us. My family comes from Germany and this was the way they were able to demonstrate they care about us and that it was exceptional for them to be with us as well. 

But I noticed that I have been doing that with my kids and my husband every time I want to demonstrate I care about them; that’s one reason we are always in a fight with the scale. Now that I’m aware of this pattern, I plan to change it; I will find other ways to demonstrate how I love them, wait for future posts with some ideas to reproduce to your loved ones.


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