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Addressing the Gender Wage Gap

Join host Betina Pflug, a seasoned entrepreneur, business and life coach, and marketing specialist, in an enlightening episode of Wisdom Woman. In this empowering conversation, Betina sits down with the remarkable Jessi Burg, an advocate and entrepreneur dedicated to driving positive change in the realm of fair wages and equitable treatment. Jessi’s journey began after overcoming toxic work environments and realizing the power of amplifying her voice as a business owner. Now, as the founder of Outgrow Your Garage, she is passionate about fostering sustainable and equitable growth for trades, services, and mobile companies.


In this episode, Betina and Jessi delve into the pressing issue of wage gaps, particularly focusing on the challenges faced by women in trades, seasonal work, and the gig economy. They explore the impact of pay transparency, discuss strategies to close the gender wage gap, and highlight the importance of fair compensation practices. With Jessi’s firsthand experiences and advocacy work, listeners gain valuable insights into how we can create a future where equal pay and opportunities are a reality for all.


Get ready to be inspired and empowered as Betina and Jessi share their expertise and perspectives on building a more equitable and inclusive workforce. Don’t miss this engaging episode of Wisdom Woman!


About Jessi Burg:

Jessi Burg is a passionate entrepreneur and advocate for fair wages and equitable treatment in the trades, seasonal work, and gig economy sectors. After experiencing toxic work environments, she embarked on a mission to amplify her voice as a business owner and advocate for others. With her second venture, Outgrow Your Garage, Jessi focuses on teaching and empowering trades, services, and mobile companies to achieve sustainable growth and equitable practices.


About Betina Pflug:

Betina Pflug is an experienced entrepreneur, business and life coach, and marketing specialist. With over 25 years of expertise, she is dedicated to helping individuals find balance and enthusiasm in their personal and professional lives. As the host of Wisdom Woman, Betina aims to empower women through self-knowledge and professional development. With her innovative and authentic coaching approach, she guides individuals in achieving their goals and reinventing themselves time and time again.


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The Impact of Pay Transparency https://www.payscale.com/research-and-insights/pay-transparency/

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