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A Tribute To Riley

May you find peace and rest in the embrace of the natural world,
Where the wind sings for you and the earth cradles your being,
May you know that your presence was cherished and deeply treasured,
As you journeyed through the different seasons of life.
Once a sprightly pup in the springtime of your youth,
You grew in energy, curiosity, and joy each passing day,
Becoming a loyal friend in the warmth of summer,
And bringing endless love and companionship our way.
As the leaves began to turn and the air grew crisp,
You remained our constant, furry companion,
A faithful protector, a true and loyal soul,
Who gave us unconditional love without condition.
But winter arrived and slowed your steps,
Though your love only grew stronger and more profound,
And now it is time to bid you farewell,
As you journey to a new home, to create new stories started.
May the spirits of nature guide your way,
And the stars above light your path,
As you fly free to your new journey,
Leaving behind only memories that forever last.
Though we may grieve your absence and feel sorrow in our hearts,
May the power of higher vibrations ease our pain,
And the knowledge that you are at peace bring us solace,
Until the time when we shall meet again.
For now, we give thanks for the time we had,
And the gift of your love that will never fade,
Rest in the arms of Mother Nature,
And know that you will never be forgotten.
We adore you.

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