7 steps to make waking up + working out a sustainable habit for life.

7 steps to make waking up + working out a sustainable habit for life
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7 steps to make waking up + working out a sustainable habit for life.

Now, back to waking up early and working out. How do you do it? Here are a few practical tips for making it happen.

1. Plan it out. Plan all your workouts BEFORE; several online programs make it easier. Having plans and goals are crucial, and changing programs also.

2. Picture yourself doing tomorrow’s workout today. One of the things I do every night before bed is separating my exercise clothes for the morning. Yes, it helps. And yes, it makes a difference. 

3. Set it and forget it. Place your alarm clock far enough away from your bed that you must physically get out of bed to shut that thing off. I have one that turns a light, simulating a sunrise.

4. Never hit the snooze button. “Just five more minutes” rarely ends up being just 5 minutes… Trust me, I know this from personal experience on more than one occasion. Do not let your mind trick you into hitting the snooze button. Count from 1 to 5 and get up!

5. Drink a glass of water. It’s so important to be hydrated, sometimes we feel tired, and it is because of lack of water in our brains. If you drink a glass of water, every morning it will turn your engine on, even better if you drink warm water with organic apple cider vinegar.

6. Prep your pre-workout supplementation. I like to have an energizer drink before I go into the gym. And because it’s powdered, I put it in an empty shaker and place it next to my bedside table (right next to bottled water) so that it’s ready to be consumed as soon as I get up in the morning. 

7. Keep tracking. For each exercise program that I start, I have a tracking sheet that holds me accountable, every day that I do something; I cross it at the end of the workout; this gives me a sensation of mission accomplished.

If you don’t know where to start, investigate more about the online program that I follow on this link:

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