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7 lessons that Bamboo gives us

# 1 – It is hollow – bamboo is hollow so just to fill something in this life, we must fill our hearts with joys and experiences.

# 2 – It grows upwards – Bamboo aims at us and is constantly growing, we must also aim for continuous growth.

# 3 – It has deep roots – in order to grow tall bamboo needs deep roots. If you want to grow, you will also need a robust structure to support you.

# 4 – Don’t have branches – the branches are heavy and hinder their rapid growth. We have to cut our branches, who has a lot of branches, has a lot to carry, a lot of unnecessary weight. Whoever has a lot of branches, hurts the other.

# 5 – It is full of knots – the knots bring the necessary strength for its continuous growth. Our knots mean difficulties overcome, victories achieved, learning from adversity, we are stronger prepared for everything that comes in this life.

# 6 – Lives in community – as it does not have branches, it makes it possible to have other bamboos nearby that strengthen it. Who has a lot of branches can not live in community, we need each other, to support each other. Accepting diversity we grow together, towards the same purpose.

# 7 – He bends – To be strong and resistant it is important to learn how to bend through the adversities of life. Be humble to receive help and learn from others, I knew that you don’t have to walk alone if you don’t want to.


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