is WITY? We help socially essential non-profits and selected for-profit businesses achieve the widest reach and impact. Large lucrative for-profit businesses draw upon the most creative and savvy techniques to increase their market share and maximize profit. We see no reason why community-conscious causes and campaigns should not enjoy every one of these advantages. This communitarian spirit drives us to truly get to know your organization, its people, the clientele you serve, identify their struggles and needs, then respond with powerful solutions based on a developed acumen and innovative technology. Other marketing companies work with internet. We live online and our relationships and contacts span the globe. What is WITY? It is Wisdom Important To You.


Explaining the concept of the 2 ½ sector

WITY brings the resources and expertise that large for-profit companies’ use to expand their market share to serve the missions of socially vital companies and non-profits. We maximize the use of connection points both on and off line to customize maximum impact for your mission with special tools.


Ideal world for non-profits

Can you imagine your organization raising more resources, communicating more effectively, engaging and strengthening your community, delivering better programs and services, going beyond reports and dashboards and dynamically drill into data to identify opportunities and make better decisions? Your organization can have all of this. Make impact faster, learn more here.

Tools and Technology available to reach Ideal world.

Can you imagine that this is the year to thrive, to make the most of your mission, and to serve the common good as never before? We know the members of your staff bring invaluable skills to your organization. Sometimes you just need talents that are not already on board. We can provide experience and know-how in all aspects and technology to broaden your potential for success. We’ll bring a new set of eyes to help you get an overview of operations, programs, and projects. Helping to implement new tools, processes, systems and marketing strategies we can make your staff and volunteers feel strong and empowered. Have a third company is the best way to get connected to the best practices in your area.  

Why is important a Marketing, Advertising strategy?

When it comes to digital marketing, there is nothing expensive. The only thingthat is expensive is the marketing that does not deliver results.

Our Recent Work

Our Recent Work change to Our Customers

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Cloud2b and WITY just partner to deliver you a wonderful experience on implementing or upgrading Salesforce tools into your organization

Company Partners

Committed to creating growth in the rapidly changing technology industry, Betina started her marketing and event company in 2008. Microsoft and Nortel were two of the companies included in her portfolio. Her passion for Social Enterprise led her to start learning deeply how to apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental wellness. Later, Betina used this knowledge in special Brazilian NOGs. In 2015, she moved with her family to the United States. She has successfully been able to adapt all her knowledge and company to a new culture and environment.


Marketing Solutions

Web Designer

Social Media


-Why is important to be accessed in all kinds of devices?
Responsive websites

-How people can find your organizations?
Search engine optimization

-Building an online store with related products can help increase your revenues?

-How can I use Google Grants in your favor?
Google AdWords

Social Media

-Your brand is seen the same way 360 degrees?
Visual identity and templates for posts

-Do you know how to answer all the demand of social media, with internal messages, campaigns and content writing?
Social media management

-How can I use the social media power to raise more money and engage volunteers?
Paid campaigns

-Why and how to create videos to increase your visibility?

-How to develop the right content to your public?
Content creation

-Your logo is up-to-date? Do you have a brand book to share when you hire a third part provider?
-How can I integrate my offline campaigns with my online strategy?
On and off-line campaigns
-Is it possible to use text messages to interact with customers, donors and volunteers?
-Is your database organized and easy to reach where ever you go?
Salesforce CRM for Non-profits
-Maybe your staff is so worried about the urgent things that they don’t have time to plan and care about the important thing that makes your organization to grow?
Marketing Strategies
-All types of communications are a change to connect with people and engage them to your cause. Does your organization has a pattern in your email signatures, letters, business cards and printing material?
Business Essentials
-Do you have a big event/meting and need help with your presentation?
Power Point and Prezi presentations

-How about use your success histories to bring more costumers, donors and volunteers, engaging the community in your project?
Press releases
-Does local media know about your work?
Institutional branding

-Struggling with your basic meeting?
-Do you want to put everybody on board and doesn’t know how to plan your annual meeting?
Annual planning
-Conflicts with your team? Need some help?
Conflict resolutions

We use Responsive Technology

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When it comes to digital marketing, there is nothing expensive. The only thing that is expensive is the marketing that does not deliver results.